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    New York City

    New York City is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Richmond. They lie at the mouth of the Hudson River in the southeastern corner of the state of New York. Together they cover an area of about 319 square miles.

    New York City is the largest city among the most densely populated places in the United States. The population of the City of New York is 7 million in the city and more than 20 million at whole area of big New York. It is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. New York City is located on the eastern coast of the United States, at the mouth of the Hudson River. New York City is made up of five boroughs, separated by various waterways. Brooklyn and Queens occupy the western portion of Long Island, Staten Island and Manhattan are islands, and the Bronx is attached to mainland New York State.

    John F. Kennedy Airport

    Welcome to Airport Monitor™, John F. Kennedy Intl, which is with best facilities and modern system as well as the good service in USA.


    Manhattan is the world most busy area with forest of shopping arcade and office buildings, famous Time Square is located there. Flushing is Second China Town and busy commercial area too. There is lived more than 1 Million Chinese overseas in both Manhattan and Flushing.

    Entry Visa to USA is needed for all exhibitors who hold whether public or private passport, the interview appointment are required to US consul which need two months to arrange . The appointment call fee and visa application must be prepaid and non- refundable whether visa approved or not. The Organizer will assist the exhibitors to issue invitation and arrange visa appointment for interview to US consul but not guarantee to get their visa to USA for them. The appointment to interview for American Consul will be arranged at early April of 2005.

    JULY 78ºF to 90ºF (20ºC to 30ºC)

    110 volts, 60 cycles, three phases for industrial machines. Plugs are normally two or three-pin flat (like品)


    Duties depend commodity kinds which will be issued by official forwarder. 8.625% Sales Tax prepaid by customers

    Fair Information
    Standard Booth rate:
    3X3 sq.m=US$4,000      3X4 sq.m= US$5,000
    Raw Space: US$250/Sq.m (Min.36 Sq.m)

  • Drapery panel of partition (no aluminum frame as picture)
  • Company name and booth number
       (Company Logo is not included at extra charge)
  • 24-hour perimeter security guard services from set-up through break-down
  • Carpeted aisles
  • One information table with two chairs
  • 5 Amp power
  • 2 Spot lights
  • Height Limitation
    Advertising, logos, exhibit displays and booth structures shall meet the following specifications:
    Exhibitor booths shall not exceed 2.5 meters in height
    Exhibitor booths may exceed the height limit, a written request from the exhibiting company for approval by the exposition management, Standard, must be submitted at least 30 days prior to set-up date.
    Exhibition Hall Notes
  • Construction by: Official Contractor
  • General maintenance of exposition aisles
  • No variances will be accommodated over the height limits
  • Booth Set-up by contractor on Jun 29,2005
  • Exhibitors Interior Decoration on: Jun 30, 2005 09:00 - 18:00
  • If raw space construction required that the detail must be sent with drawing to official contractor before May 20, 2005
  • Booth dismantle: July 5,2005 18:00 after

    Deadline for participation: May 20,2005
  • Floor Plan
    A Type is 3x4 Sq.M      B Type is 3x3 Sq.M
    Please Click Here to review the Floor Plan
    Shipping Guidelines
    Ningbo Xinyang Shipping Corp.(China Ocean Shipping Agency Ningbo)

    Forwarder: TRANSIT Fair Service Co.
    Address: Unit 310 Tower B, Jindu Building,Fangchengyuanyiqu,
                  Fangzhuang, Fengtai Dist. Beijing 100078, P. R. China
                  Tel/Fax: 8610-63323861 8610-63323671
    Att: Mr Winson Su Ms Huang Xiao Yan

    USA Consignee: Standard Exhibition (USA) Service, Inc
    Address: 9660 Flair Drive, Suite 226, El Monte, CA 91731, USA
                  Tel: 626 442 3588 Fax: 626 442 5829 415 7533692
    Att: Ms Celine

    The Shipping Guidance offered by the Organizer will give you Detailed Shipping Guidelines to guide you how to ship.

    Deadline for advanced shipment is :15 days arrival at destination before Fair opening
    Hotel Reservation
    All the hotel reservation for exhibitors will be handled by the organizer which will be in other issue to denote.
    Travel Arrangement
    Tours in USA before or after the Fair will be arranged by CTS head Office with detail schedule and routine referred in travel guidance.

    CTS (HO):
    No.2 ,San Huan Dong Lu, Room 411, CTS building, Beijing ,China
    Tel: 010 6468 0095 6462 2288-6411 Fax : 010 6468 0095
    Contact: Mr Lin Guo Qiang Ms Huang Mei Hong
    Show Directory
    The Show Directory is a definitive guide for all participants in the Exhibition, and offers a chance for advertising exhibitors to show their name for visitors during the exhibition and future record. The Show Directory will be published in a 8 1/2" x 11" and a pocket size guide to print with thousands of copies. Advertisement is available for both participants and non-participants of the Exhibition.

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