Venue Information
Tianjin is bounded by the Bohai sea from the east of the Yanshan Mountain to the north, and is the biggest coastal open city in Northern China. Its administrative area extends to 11,900 square kilometers with a population near 10 million.
Visas are required for all foreigners entering mainland China. Standard tourist visas, valid for 30-day visits, are generally easy to acquire, while visas valid for more than 30 days are usually difficult to obtain. Visitors are advised to consult their travel agent, China International Travel Service, China Travel Service, any PRC Embassy or Consulate for detail.
Nov 50ºF to 60ºF (8ºC to 14ºC) 39% to 47% moisture with warm days and cool nights
The system is metric although traditional measurements are still popular.
220 volts, 50 cycles, three phases for industrial machines. Plugs are normally two-pin flat (5 amp)
There is no special approval to import furniture and decoration material needed after China entering WTO, that most of big enterprises can purchase what they want for the modern furniture freely through the exhibition .They only require to apply foreign currency exchange from local banks with very simply procedure. The duty (paid by buyer) are lower rate according to WTO regulation.
Exhibition Guide
Standard Booth sizes : 10 feet x 10 feet (3 x 3 Sq. m) = US$2,250
10 feet x 12 feet (3 x 4 Sq. m) = US$3,000
Raw Space: US$150/Sq.m Min.36 Sq.m
Standard Booth rate includes:
  • 3 sides of partitions with alumnium pipe frame
  • Company name and booth number
    (company Logo is not included at extra charge)
  • 24-hour perimeter security guard services from set-up through break-down
  • Carpeted aisles
  • one information table with two chairs
  • 5 Amp power
  • 2 - Spot light
Height Limitation
Advertising, logos, exhibit displays and booth structures shall meet the following specifications:
Exhibitior booths shall not exceed 2.5 metres in height
Exhibitor booths may exceed the height limit, a written request from the exhibiting company for approval by the exposition management, Standard, must be submitted at least 30 days prior to set-up date.
Exhibition Hall Notes
  • Construction by: Official Contractor
  • General maintenance of exposition aisles
  • No variances will be accommodated over the height limits
  • Booth Set-up by contractor on Nov 8
  • Exhibitors Interior Decoration on: Nov 9, 09:00 - 18:00
  • Dismantle at Nov 13, 18:00 post
  • If raw space construction required that the detail must be sent with drawing to official contractor before Oct 10, 2005
  • Deadline for participation: Sep 10,2005
  • Invitation charge: US$100 per one pay in advance

Literature Tables
An amazing value at an exceptional price, literature tables provide great exposure even on the tightest of budgets. The Literature tables will be located in the networking lounge, one of the busiest places at the show, so it will be sure and take advantage of this opportunity to display your company's most valuable information.
Tabletop display space (4'L x 2'W) will be available of US$200 for each exhibitor. This room will be open throughout the exhibition period, that companies may display their materials by purchasing literature table. The exhibitors are responsible for setting up their own literature tables to display. The standing signs, are not to exceed 20"H x 36"L ,and not post on the wall and access to the electricity being allowed. The literature tables will be available for placement of materials on Nov 9,2005 that Organizers will not assume responsibility of any items displayed on or underneath the table. Materials must be removed no later than 18:00, Nov 13,2005 , and any left-over materials will be discarded. Participating companies will be responsible for their own literature table set-up.
Exhibitor Guidelines: You are entitled to four (4) exhibitor personnel badges per 3 x 3 Sq.m booth, and six (6) for per 3 x 4 Sq.m. Extra exhibitor badges may be purchased at a cost of US$20.00 each for the exhibition participant. Badges must be picked up on-site at the registration desk on an individual basis (NO BADGES WILL BE MAILED IN ADVANCE). Work Pass will be available on-site for personnel who will be working in your booth ONLY DURING SET-UP AND DISMANTLE PERIODS. Do not request exhibitor badges for any individuals who will not be manning your booth during show hours. Please note: Telephone registrations are NOT accepted. The exhibitor booth blocks will be held till Oct 10, 2005.
  • Exhibition Participation is Non-refundable.
  • China Official Invitation for visa application: The Charge is US$100 for each participant who needs it paid in advance.
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    Floor Plan
    A Type is 3x4 Sq.M      B Type is 3x3 Sq.M
    Please Click Here to review the Floor Plan.

    Shipping Guidelines
    Shipping:Literature table materials may either be hand carried or shipped to Beijing.
    Detailed Shipping Guidelines will guide you how to ship.
    Deadline for advanced shipment is : 15 days before show opening
    Wiring payment is available for exhibition participating, credit card is not acceptable.
    Hotel Reservation
    All hotel reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card for the first and last night's stay.
    Please note: Room deposits will be refunded for cancellations to be received at least 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival date and a cancellation number obtained. If cancellation is made within 14 days of arrival, you will lose your two nights deposit.
    The Housing Bureau will handle the hotel reservation for exhibition participants, and all the reservations are guaranteed either with a major credit card number (reference needed) or by wiring payment. The commission charges for different types of credit card are according to the policy of each hotel or bank. If you are wiring, your payment should include the amount of two night's stay. Cut-off date for making reservations by the Housing Bureau is Oct 10,2005. All room rates are per room, per day (night), plus applicable taxes. Housing questions, please e-mail to:
    Travel Arrangement
    Cost: US$200 for each attendant
    Half - day Tianjin City Tour will be arranged at Nov 9,2005
    Whole day tour to Beijing at Nov 14,2005

    Airport Pick up : US$50 per person (airport - hotel for one way trip).
    Show Directory
    The Show Directory is a definitive guide for all participants in the Exhibition, and offers a chance for advertising exhibitors to show their name for visitors during the exhibition and future record. The Show Directory will be published in a 8 1/2" x 11" and a pocket size guide to print with thousands of copies. Advertisement is available for both participants and non-participants of the Exhibition.
    The prices for advertisement are as follows:
    Front Color Cover ............................US$3000
    Inside Front Color Cover ...........................US$1800
    Back Inside Color Cover ...................US$1300
    Back Color Cover .............................US$2500
    Inside Color Page .............................US$800
    Inside B/W Page ...............................US$400
    Inside Half Color Page ......................US$400
    Inside Half B/W Page ........................US$200
    Note: Advertisement materials should deliver before Oct 10,2005 by mail or by e-mail:
    To Standard Exhibition (China) Consultant Service Limited
    Room 2005, Billion Trade Centre, 31 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Payment wiring to:
    DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
    524 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    A/C : 016-465-658013203
    Favoring: Standard Exhibition (China) Consultant Service Limited

    Or Crossed Check to : Standard Exhibition (China ) Consultant Service Limited
    Room 2005, Billion Trade Centre, 31 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Tianjin Int'l Exhibition Hall


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