Tianjin is the economic center at North China and a strong industrial base, a highly technological foundation, a well developed economy with convenient communication facilities. Tianjin consists of a remarkable advantage trading market upon its important regional position and abundant in human resources, so it has a great business opportunity for investors and traders.

Tianjin is one of the first lot of China cities opened to the outside world. On entering 21st century, Tianjin has grasped commercial opportunities and pursued industrial and technology development in great strides to build the city into a modern international port as well as an important economic center at Northern China.

Tianjin is famous for its long history and cultural heritage, combined with ancient and modern types, the architectures of Tianjin are a mixture of Chinese and foreign styles as well. Tianjin is proud for its historical sites and relics of the past hundred years which cause tourists attraction. All these are coupled with the simplicity and honesty of the inhabitants to make the rich cultural complexion of the metropolis.

After China entering WTO, and wining the holder of Olympic Game 2008, the local government is very concerning to ameliorate the welfare for citizens, their live surroundings, house standard, municipal traffic, green environment are all on schedule to build up Tianjin to be one of the most modern city in the world.

A large scale of construction for civil houses, plenty of new companies and foreign offices being establishment, the local wealthy and income increased residents all require the urgent furniture and decoration revolution there, people can't satisfy the old and unity style of local furniture and bad look decoration inside resident or office, but pursue more comfortable, romantic, aristocratic foreign furniture and decoration instead of present one to renovate and deluxe their residential houses and offices. In this case, Tianjin government and organizers decide to hold the Tianjin International Show for Furniture & Decoration to cope with such a great requirement of local market, to higher and improve the quality of furniture and interior decoration in North China which will definitely boom the said exhibition both selling and purchasing to exhibitors on spot. There is a rare opportunity for exhibitors than ever who participated other furniture and decoration shows to get so many orders like this coming Fall Furniture & Decoration Show in Tianjin.


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