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Carrier-Net Expo'2004 Beijing has been created to meet the demand of those challenged by the rapidly changing environment of the telecommunication / internet service industry, and provides an excellent forum for carriers to exchange and deal with technology information, networking and business development. The event attracts key decision makers and top-level executives from and across the telecommunication and internet community. The forum of the Carrier-Net Event also offers a place to discuss how to stay ahead of the competitive market despite the economic slowdown.

Since December,2001, China has become a member of the WTO with a huge market to expose to the outside world, so that they may discover its telecommunication and internet business. China has more than 10 billion minutes of long distance usage both domestic and international per month, with a hundred million "Hot Internet People", on the average, every nine people have one cellular phone, and every eighteenth person owns a computer in China. Today the population of China is in excess of 1.3 billion people. With these demographics, you can imagine what opportunities are waiting for attendees of the Carrier-Net Event held in Beijing, China at Spring of 2004. The Conference and its Exhibition will help you to achieve your aim and march into the China market, and to know local key personnel in such a way that is rarely attainable if you were to attend a similar conference, held in other countries.

Why Should Attend Carrier-Net Expo' 2004 Beijing?

This is the perfect networking opportunity for Chinese, Asia-Pacific as well as European colleagues. About 40% of the global wireless infrastructure spending from 2001 to 2005 will come from the Asia-Pacific region. The most obvious business opportunities in Asia-Pacific over the next five years would come from the buildup of new networks due to rapid wireless take-up. The fast expanding web-hosting pie in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow by more than 46% annually to hit hitting USD1.8 billion in 2004.

The technology market in Asia will grow 36% in the year 2003 alone. With China entering into the WTO recently, there will be explosive growth for all of these areas. With this dynamic growth, Telecommunications and IP professionals need a venue to meet, and network operators want their latest products and services showcased. China has been the world biggest "internet served population" who are so hot and diligent to discover the Internet world, which brings many commercial chances and opportunities for foreign business people to expand their internet market in China using through this Event.

Who can participate?

Carrier-Net Expo' 2004 Beijing will be ideal for Local Tele-Communications Providers, Long Distance Tele-Communications Providers, Enhanced Internet Service Providers, Venture Capitalists , High Tech Law Firms, Telecom Equipment manufacturers, Cellular Service Providers and Equipment Vendors, Broadband/Wireless Providers, Internet Designers, Broadband Network Service Equipment Vendors, IP Equipment Providers, etc.

The Event will start with a conference on the first day, focusing on a selection of seminars and workshops together with the Presidents Forum over the following next 2 days. The exhibition hall will feature over one hundred exhibition spaces , and together with a networking lounge, will offer the perfect medium in which to develop new business partners during all conference period. It will be the annual Forum of APCA in China since then.