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Organizers :

What people say...Asia-Pacific Carrier Association (APCA) Is the Event organizer to organize this Carrier-Net Event. The association is dedicated to build a competitive environment for the area of telecommunications and internet business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Standard Telecom (HK) Co., Ltd is also an Organizer for Carrier-Net Event who is a member of APCA to handle all the affairs of secretariat and organization for this Event appointed by APCA. It is also a representative of several American Telecom companies to co-ordinate with China official telecom companies operating voice, data and high tech convention organization. Standard Exhibition (China) Consultant Service Limited is its sister company to hold exhibitions and conventions at China and other nations, it will assist the organizers to plan and promote said Event at smooth processing.

Co-organizer :

The China International Conference Center for Science and Technology (CICCST) is a nonprofit national organization to be established under the leadership of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) to convene international scientific and technological conference, and conduct scientific and technological exchanges.


China Institute of Communications (CIC) is directly under the Ministry of information, China as a non-profit institution being consisted of the workers in science and technology of communications, and enterprises and institutions of communications nation-wide on a voluntary basis. It is a bridge to link with the government and the scientific workers of communications.

Supporter :

Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC)
The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) occupies a unique place in the dynamic, rapidly-growing world of Pacific hemisphere and global communications. Founded in 1980, PTC serves the communication world by organizing a major annual conference, regional seminars, research activities, by publishing the PTRR (Pacific Telecommunications Review) and a variety of other publications and through various other services and activities.The Council is an international, non-profit, non-governmental membership organization that brings together in a single forum both the providers and users of communication services, as well as policy-makers, technologists, lawyers, scientists and academics. For more information about PTC and PTC2004, please visit: www.ptc.org.

Sponsors :

Ji Tong Network Communications Co., Ltd.
is the sponsor for the event, who is wholly owned by China Netcom Communications Group and administered by the Ministry of Information Industry, PRC , to be one of the few official telecom companies in China, who can engage in IP, internet, and IPLC services. Ji Tong is the owner of Golden Bridge Network project to connect in China nationwide for internet construction, and its service. The Golden Bridge Network of Ji Tong is the biggest supplier of internet service in China, it has been appointed by APCA to operate the Live Web Broadcast of the entire conference event. Advertising on the web of Golden Bridge Network is available to introduce your products and services to whole China as well as other countries worldwide during the conference. Please visit : http://www.jitong.com for more information.

China Travel Service, Head Office ( CTS )
is also a sponsor for the Carrier-Net Event. It is one of the biggest Chinese official travel agencies to handle both group or individual tourists from nations worldwide. CTS has its expert teams with various languages skills and provides good service to its customers in conformity with the ISO 9001 requirement. It has organized many successful conventions and seminars as well.

Correspondent :

Organizer :  
Asia-Pacific Carrier Association (Hong Kong Office) Standard Exhibition (China) Consultant Service Limited
Room 2005, Billion Trade Centre, 31 Hung To Road,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  Room 2005, Billion Trade Centre, 31 Hung To Road,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 23044991 23888275   Tel: 852 23044991 23888275
Fax: 852 23888755   Fax: 852 23888755
e-mail:apca@netvigator.com   e-mail: stexpo@netvigator.com
Attn.: Arnold King, President  

Exhibition Items :

Telecom Companies
Telecom Carriers, Wholesalers and Customers
Circuit or Cable Providers
Internet Service Provider
Network Designers and Owners
Website Designers
Information Technology (IT) Consultant
Telecom Supplies and Equipment Suppliers
Satellite Bandwidth Suppliers
Cellular Phone Manufacturers and Suppliers
IP Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
Optical Fiber Suppliers